White Sand Plug

A rapid setting, ready mixed hydraulic cement based mortar.  chemically designed to withstand continual exposure to water, even under continuous pressure. stops running water or seepage through cracks or holes in concrete and masonry structures

• To plug leaks in concrete and masonry surfaces .
• To prevent seepage.
• Stop leaks in basements, foundations, sewer pipes, and manholes.
• Emergency repair of ruptured water pipe, damaged boat hulls .
• Sealing wet surfaces.

• Excellent bond strength even after prolonged contact with water.
• Can be applied horizontal, vertical, or overhead at a wide range of thicknesses.
• Non-shrinkable and highly durable.
• Suitable to use under water.

Weight 25 kg

One-component cementitious Grey powder

Set Time

90 seconds @ 23 C
60 seconds @ 30 C