White Sand EPF 50

Two-component solvent free Epoxy-based fairing coat and blowhole filler. Specially formulated to meet mechanical stress.

• Filling blowholes.
• Eliminating minor irregularities prior to epoxy coating or lining.
• Fairing slightly damaged concrete.
• For repair of structures that will be permanently submerged in water.
• As an adhesive for bonding prefabricated concrete segments.

• Chemical resistant.
• Excellent bonding to concrete and GRC surfaces.
• No sag can be applied to vertical surfaces and troweled into blowholes.
• Cures and hardens without shrinkage.
• Can be applied from feather edge to 8 mm.
• Suitable for use in hot climates.

Pot Life

60 minutes (at 23 C)


≈ 4.0 liters covers 4.0 m2 in one layer of 1 mm thickness


4.0 Liters packs.