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Building Improvement For More Than 25 Years

Our aim is to be one of leaders in construction chemicals manufacturing , and to be the first choice in this field.


White Sand is today one of the leading renovator and manufacturer in the field of construction chemicals. White Sand started in the field of construction chemicals industry in 2008 , and is able to keep up with the future by holding specialties technical knowledge and experience of the field, and to achieve the top day by day updated development and renovation.

Our mission

We constantly work to care for our customers, improve production, quality control and product development by designing processes and solutions in a sustainable way. Innovation and development is the cornerstone of our unique and effective manufacturing system for construction chemicals.

Our vision

Our aim is to be one of leaders in construction chemicals manufacturing , and to be the first choice in this field.

Quality assurance

  • We will support our customers with all the technical reports and documents required to ensure the best practice of our products.
  • Continuous R&D quality oriented activities ensuring a leading market position and full product range.
  • Strong commitment to introduce new innovative products to the market.
  • Tuning products to suit local environmental conditions while maintaining the right product performance.
  • Enduring product performance evaluation and bench marking.

White Sand & Vision 2030

Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 emphasizes the importance of diversifying the economy, expanding investment in industrial sectors and attracting foreign investment. Vision 2030 highlighted the sectors that will be the mainstay of economic diversification.

White Sand was founded as a major catalyst for economic and industrial development, diversification and resettlement by 2030. Therefore, our goals and mission are fully consistent with Vision 2030, particularly with regard to the settlement of new value chains in the manufacturing sector and the provision of rewarding jobs for Saudi citizens.

And White Sand expands and expands to surround the Kingdom with the light of the future in pursuit of the best for the customers and for the citizen, and we build and build a citizen’s business and engineering prospects.


Due increase demand for products or building components that minimize material consumption . we decided to Keeping pace with the future through our products through:

White sand HSE and environment commitment

  • Do everything reasonably practicable to prevent injuries, use gloves and safety glasses when working.
  • Comply with, and where practical, exceed all applicable legislation, adopted codes of practice and other requirements.
  • Where none exist, set and adhere to stringent standards .
  • Actively involve and encourage all employees in the achievement of white sand objectives.
  • Appoint competent people to assist in meeting statutory duties including external HSE performance.
  • White sand environment commitment :
  • Our commitment to the environment has enabled us to mitigate the use of volatile substances and we are absolutely committed to all environmental regulations

Our values


Respect is at the center of everything we do and is the beating heart of our values.

We treat all of our colleagues with respect and embrace different backgrounds and perspectives


We believe that by coming together as one team, we can achieve the best outcomes for our company and country.

We embrace opportunities to learn and develop skills from our colleagues.


We learn from customers, understand them and aim to exceed their expectations We seek the trust of our employees, clients, and all professionals we work with.

Research and Development ( R & D )

white Sand has geared itself with an advanced research department , which is essentially focusing on improving our ( R & D ) for existing products , while also assuring on developing new specialty formulations. Also assists the production department in improving the quality , minimizing defects in the production process and is involved in continuous analysis and implementation of best chemical formulations available globally.

Technical support

In white sand, all teams focus on delivering the highest level of support to our customers’ requirements , which are determined and met with the aim of enhancing customer satisfaction , by highly qualified professionals available to support your questions . Do not hesitate to contact us at Info@whitesand.sa

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Our History Is Defined By Our Ability To Reinvent, Grow & Transform With Our Clients

  • Advanced research department
  • Best customer service in the business
  • High quality products

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