White Sand Anchor EP 250

A specially formulated, solvent-free, two-part epoxy anchoring system for securing horizontal and vertical fixings, such as dowel bars, starter bars, threaded studding, and bolts into concrete or brickwork. A high strength, corrosion and chemical resistant anchoring is obtained where speed of installation and early application of load is required. Is available in two grades, Grade (VR) is a flowable design suitable for vertical applications, and grade (HR) which has an excellent thixotropic property to be suitable for horizontal applications.

• For anchoring activities in concrete, rock, masonry, and brickwork.
• Anchoring grout rout for bolts, dowels, and reinforcing bars into vertical or horizontal holes.
• Permanent installation of reinforcement starter bars.

Solid Content

100 %

Mixing Ratio

Factory proportioned


6.0 Liters pack.