White Sand Coat AC

A two component, polymer modified, cementitious coating. acts as an effective barrier to carbonation and sulfates with high mechanical properties and abrasion resistance. provide chloride protection on highway and coastal structures and enhances the durability of reinforced concrete by reinstating effective cover to achieve the specific design life

Color Selector

Select tile design, and the grout color to see how it will looks live.

• Protect atmospherically exposed reinforced concrete.
• Protective coating for concrete foundations.
• Sidewalk coating for over spalled or eroded concrete.
• Very low permeability, stucco like exterior wall coating.
• For application over concrete.

• Water repellent.
• Gives even appearance to patchy concrete.
• Effective barrier to carbonation and chlorides.
• Good abrasion resistance.

Weight 20 kg



≈ 1.3- 1.4 Kg / m2 / 1mm